PHILLIPJEFFERSONDESIGN is committed to providing innovative design and project management services for residential and commercial projects involving: new design, renovations, additions and interiors. We also offer a variety of urban design and planning consulting services.

Our design services embody the true nature of simplicity, tradition and sustainable living; working within the confines of form, space and materials. Our goal is to create comfortable aesthetically inspired modern spaces specific to their period, surroundings and structure.

We are dedicated to facilitating an open collaborative environment with our clients’, turning your visions into tangible reality. To us, design is an artistic collaboration of minds and ideas that take a physical and tangible form. These forms should express the true identity of nature and technology from the inside-out.

At PHILLIPJEFFERSONDESIGN your desires and vision are our top priority. We are committed to providing our clients the highest level of design services befitting their needs while executing a vision that responds to its surroundings in a simple, clean and environmentally responsible manner.